FaceMorpher Multi


Turn your face into someone else's


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Lately, people have been using a special visual effect that gradually transforms one person's face into someone else's, and maybe you've wondered how to do it.

If you have, the answer is FaceMorpher Multi, a simple application that lets you create animations in which different photos shift back and forth, transforming the faces in each one.

To get the best results, the FaceMorpher Multi assistant recommends using pictures taken head-on and showing your whole face, without any accessories that might alter the transition between the photos. They should also have good lighting.

FaceMorpher is really easy to use, since the only thing you have to do is upload as many photos as you want to include in the animation, then adjust the points that identify the features of the faces if you need to.

You can save the results by exporting them as a video or Flash document (SWF or AVI), a sequence of images (GIF or JPG), or even an HTML document.

Limited to 15 days of use.

The trial version adds a watermark to the final product.

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